Saturday, February 28, 2015

sunday morning: things to do on a lazy sunday

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I don't want to start this negatively but my week was absolutely awful. I haven't slept in like three days and I am physically and mentally exhausted. I'm a high school student so I really cannot control how much workload I have or how many hours of sleep I get. When I'm extremely busy I tend to fantasize about having a day off where I could actually not think about school or homework at all. Even though Saturdays and Sundays are supposed to be our "day's off" we all know that's bs because we still have to do tons of homework. 

I hate Sundays. To me Sundays mean homework, stress, and depression. I don't think I'm the only high school student who looks out the window on a Sunday at around 6 pm and feels deeply depressed because I realize school sucks and so does life.

Anyway, I was fantasising about not having to do anything this Sunday and I came up with a short list of things I would like to do if I didn't have to do homework. This is, of course, never going to happen, but you gotta find a way to stay positive and whatever. 

1. Watch as many films as possible. 

I would just watch anything on Netflix that looks like it might be interesting. It's very likely I would probably just end up watching rom-coms. I love rom-coms, please forgive me. 

2. Read.

 I have like 20 thousand books on my book shelf (not really) which I haven't been able to read because I just don't have enough time. Right now I really want to read Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Behaviour Rules Your Mind by Leonard Mlodinow. 

3. Drink a lot of coffee. 

I might be addicted to caffeine you guys, I'm not sure. I would NOT drink coffee next to my computer though, I learned my lesson. I would love to just turn on some scented candles, play some music (maybe just Sunday Morning on repeat) and make a passionate experience out of every cup of coffee. Is this weird?

4. Wake up whenever I feel like it. 

I usually wake up at around 7:30 am on Sundays because I have so much homework to do I can't waste time sleeping. Like my history teacher says, "life sucks and then you die".

5. Watch videos on Youtube. 

I'm guilty of spending countless hours watching different kinds of videos on Youtube. I especially like watching those beauty videos by teenage girls. I don't know why! I swear I don't want to like them but I just can't help it!

6. Bake.

 I've baked once before and it was pretty fun. I would probably just bake by myself though because I don't like spending time with people on Sundays. There's not a lot of people who would want to spend time with me anyway. Wow, where is this cynicism coming from?

7. Stretch.

 I know this one is kind of weird, but I've been trying to get my splits for the longest time with no success because I don't have enough time to actually follow a daily stretch routine. I don't have any reason in particular why I want to get my splits, it just seems like fun. 

I'm so glad I could make this list end in an odd number (it's the OCD you guys). Tomorrow is Sunday and I won't be doing any of this, but it's okay because I already feel so much better just by writing this down. I do hope you guys have a great Sunday! Thanks for reading <3


Friday, February 20, 2015

vanille cupcakes

I have never baked anything in my life, like, at all. The only thing I walk into a kitchen to do is press a button in the pod coffee machine, and viola, coffee is served. Coffee is really the only thing I need to survive. I have also never held a "party" before. At least not since that birthday party I had when I was in fifth grade when I forced my guests to create posters for the presidential elections in Catland. I'm not even joking though, this actually happened.

I was studying for a physics exam last week, while drinking a vanilla cappuccino and eating a vanilla muffin, when something great occurred to me. I said to myself "I wonder how it'll be to just eat food that contains vanilla in it for a whole day!"  I actually started planning it out because it seemed like a brilliant idea at the time.

I got very excited about this whole vanilla day thing. Well, I realized I cannot really only eat food containing vanilla for a whole day, so just inviting a few friends over and attempting to bake vanilla cupcakes would have to do. I looked up some recipes online and I choose the one that I liked the most. I also kept in mind the fact that I had never baked anything in my entire life, so I also had to pick recipes that seemed relatively easy to make. To be honest, the recipe I found that I liked the most was the Vanilla Bean Blueberry Lemon + Cream Cheese Swirl Sticky Buns. I love sticky buns, and these look absolutely perfect in every posible way, but I know I could not make something like that. Maybe when I become a pro I will try it out.

I wanted to have a reason to invite my friends over to bake cupcakes. I don't really know why but I just felt the need. I wasn't going to make up a holiday (international vanilla day) or anything like that. Well I mean, if there isn't an international vanilla day I would love to create my own, but we were only baking cupcakes and that wouldn't be enough for that special holiday. I applied to a filmmaking summer program at NYU, and I was to be told if I got accepted or not no later than February 20th. That's why I decided to throw my "party" yesterday, February 19th. In my mind it could work as a celebration or consolation party. It turns out that I received an email from NYU last night (after the party thankfully) and I was accepted! I was so happy I think I cried a little. So I guess it was a celebration party after all.

Back to the cupcakes. I actually combined two cupcake recipes. I got the idea for making the actual cupcake from here and then the frosting recipe from here. Honestly, we hardly even followed the steps, we just mixed in all the ingredients and hoped for the best.

Do not bake cupcakes like these if you are in some sort of diet. They basically consist of a bunch of butter and absurd amounts of sugar.

#fashion ^^^

The cupcakes turned out pretty good considering this was our first time baking. I mean, they basically tasted like butter and sugar, but they didn't taste that bad. My mom had no faith in me, so I guess I could say I exceeded her expectations. 

I know this post was a bit random but I thought it would be a fun way to tell you all that I was accepted in the Tisch Filmmakers Workshop program. I'm REALLY excited about that so I had to share it!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

valentine's day

This is what I wore yesterday for Valentine's Day.

Dress from Nordstrom
Wedges from Dr. Marten's
Bag from Kate Spade

By the way, I accidentally spilled coffee on my laptop while writing this post. I did everything I could to prevent any damage and it seems like everything is working fine. Let's hope there is no internal damage or anything. I'm never drinking coffee on my bed while blogging again. Anyway, I went out with my boyfriend yesterday for Valentine's Day. We went to have dinner at my favorite Japanese restaurant, and then we went to the movies. He also made the new banner for this blog, so I just wanted to give him a little shoutout because I love it. 

Yesterday I also went on a short trip to Bogotá, which is the capital of my country for those of you that didn't know. I was there for about 5 hours or so, and then I came back to Cali. I finally got to use this pouch I got in Anthropologie and I'm completely in love with it. I tend to love anything that has an M on it and the beaded and embroiled details on this pouch are beautiful. 

I feel like this post was very random but whatever. I just wanted to thank everyone that is reading my blog and leaving nice comments. I really appreciate it. I still feel like I'm a rookie at this whole blogging thing and I'm trying to get better at it, so thanks for the support. <3


Monday, February 9, 2015

poetry and film stuff


It turns out the poetry video I mentioned on the last post didn't take as long to do as I thought it would. So basically my school has an annual poetry assembly each February, and this year they included a video poem category, because the worst part about poetry is reciting it in front of the whole high school. That's a fact. The cool thing about the video is I got to shoot (I love shooting films) and create a little story. The not so cool thing about the video is my voice is in it... and I'm reciting a poem. Basically, the whole high school still gets to hear my voice.

The poem me and my friend (I posted a bunch of pictures of her in my last post, her name is also Maria Antonia btw) chose is Rape Poem by Marge Piercy. It's a strong poem and I really like the message I am able to send by creating a short video to this poem.

Oh, and, yes, this blog is now called vanilla in french. How lovely.

Friday, February 6, 2015

film stills, maybe

These are some film stills of a project I've been working on. I want it to be a surprise so all I'll say is it has to do with poetry. I will finish shooting tomorrow and I'm sure the video will be done by Tuesday. :)

By the way, the girl in the pictures is my friend who's the lead actress of the video.